Burn a CD With iTunes

Tutorial by JassuMKiddos

Step one: The items

If your CD isn't rewriteable, then make sure it has no data on it. Have iTunes already on your device, and a place to insert the CD. If you don't ahve a super old laptop like me, then yours likely won't have a CD slot built in, and you'll have to buy an external device to connect it.

Step two: Create a playlist of songs

You can have songs on iTunes from buying them with your account, importing them from other CDs, or downloading them from Youtube. Be careful with YT to Mp3 converters since they can usually lead to a virus. Right click "All Playlists" and create a new playlists with the songs you want.

Insert the CD

Using either the built in slot or the external slot, put your CD in with the data face down. Basically the normal way >_>
Right click the playlist and click "Burn Playlist to Disc"

Audio CD or Mp3 CD?

In my personal experience, audio CD works with most devices, but sometimes the data is unreadable. The titles of songs become glitched when I used a mp3 walkman, but the audio was fine. However when I used an mp3 CD on my stero, (which cannot read mp3) it wouldn't play and only displayed error. You can also burn a data CD, which holds more data. Click "Burn" and wait for the CD to finish burning. Don't touch it in the meantime.

Write your songs on it!

I like to decorate my CDs after burning them, it helps me know what songs are on it. Use a CD-safe sharpie on the side of the CD that DOES NOT have the data written.

Tutorial created July 11th, 2023.