This shrine is dedicated to my sister.
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Blue Banisters is the 8th studio album by Lana Dey Rey. It's my sister's favorite album.
Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter known for her unique style of music, often described as Alt-pop and Americana, that inspired other musicians like Billie Eilish. Her birth name is Elizabeth Grant, and she went by Lizzy Grant on her early work Kill Kill and Lana Del Ray.

My sister likes to call me "local" or whatever fake fans are called, even though I don't really listen to Lana that much honestly. I tell her I like the song Kill Kill and she was like, "Oh my God you're not a local now!"

Her favorite albums are Blue Banisters and Did You Know There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. Songs she keeps on repeat are How To Disappear, Let The Light In, Paris, Texas, Arcadia, Venice Bitch, and Summer Bummer.

Songs My Sister Recommends

Ride Lolita Radio Paris, Texas Let The Light In

Songs I Recommend

Video Games National Anthem Carmen Born To Die The Grants


1. Text Book

2. Blue Banisters

3. Arcadia

4. Interlude - The Trio

5. Black Bathing Suit

6. If You Lie Down With Me

7. Beautiful

8. Violets For Roses

9. Dealer

10. Thunder

11. Wildflower Wildfire

12. Nectar Of The Gods

13. Living Legend

14. Cherry Blossom

15. Sweet Carolina