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Hello there! You must have found my site randomly on Neocities, or through one of my other social medias. I actually try not to have many social medias for the sake of my mental health (and for my eyes). I actually deleted a lot of my accounts and retreated to this corner of the internet
Online, I go by Jassu. I'm 18, and Punjabi Sikh (but born and raised in America). I enjoy reading, writing, baking, drawing, and making a ton of blinkies, stamps, and glitter graphics ^^ I listen to quite a few genres of music, mostly metal. I also enjoy heavier metals, like slam, grindcore, and deathcore. I became a Cinnamoroll fan from my friend, who was pretty much assigning us Sanrio characters.
I usually add a mutual's button immediately, so if you'd like me to remove it, totally tell me! You can message me on my profile. I'm a little shy asking for my button to be added, so I might never say, but I do appreciate it!